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Our Rooms

Room 1

This room is very flexible in its usage. Almost identical in size to Room 2 this space can be utilised by many varied groups of up to 40 people. It can be used as an empty space for keep fit groups or yoga meetings, or we can have tables/chairs laid out to facilitate meetings of any type.

Room Hire.

All the King Edward Centre rooms are available for hire by the hour at extremely competitive rates. The charges for each room vary depending on whether the hirer is a group affiliated to the King Edward Community Centre who typically rent out the rooms on a regular and repeated basis, or is a very occasional or even one off hirer.


Room 2

This room is currently used to host meetings and conferences.Depending on the furniture layout employed it can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people.The layout of the room can be varied from one session to the next - we will take your needs into account and provide the layout that best suits your needs. You tell us your preferences - we do the rest.

The facilities at the Centre have been significantly upgraded by the refurbishment which was completed in October 2010. All groups using the Centre now benefit from the improvements made in all areas.

The Hall.

The Hall is our largest room. It runs the complete length of the building and can be separated into 3 distinct areas by means of sliding room dividers. Many user groups enjoy the space offered by this main hall which is an ideal space for private functions and parties, and it has a double door connection to the foyer area.

For full details of room rates and availability of rooms for a function you would like to host  please contact the Centre (see the Contact Us page), we are always pleased to hear from you.

The Foyer/Kitchen area.

The 2010 refurbishment resulted in a completely modernised kitchen with modern seating and a comfortable area where people can relax and enjoy a chat before and after their centre activities.This area is also very useful for mums who are waiting for their children to finish from one of the playgroups catered for at the Centre.

The Foyer and Kitchen are not normally rented out to user groups, but are instead made available to all groups using the Centre. On some occasions the kitchen is staffed to provide drinks and snacks (Cinema nights for example) but usually these facilities are available on a D.I.Y. basis to all user groups.

Annexe Room.

The Annexe Room adjoins the main King Edward Centre building but is a standalone facility.  It can be used for any number of activities, and can comfortably hold up to 60 seated people - thus making it an ideal venue for the Chatteris Community Cinema.

One of the major advantages for groups hiring the Annexe is its separation from the main building. It therefore provides its own discrete and confidential environment while at the same time being a few steps away from the facilities provided by the main Centre building.

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